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Post  Tozoa on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:04 pm

Alright guys heres how it's gonna go down,
No pornography
No obvious racism
No spam except for Tozoa's Med Bay, If I catch you posting spam anywhere else in the forum I'll get you good. >:3
No selling drugs of any kind.
Tozoa's loft. Must use correct Punctuation and grammar (At least a period or two) or its three strikes you're out.
No cybering/date threads. you have been warned.
No Text speak or 1337 speak, this is looked down on and may make you seem less inteligent.
no ALL CAPS threads, these will be deleted and/or locked on sight, no questions asked, you may also recieve a ban considering the number of offences you have.
Thats Pretty much it until people start doing stuff I don't like.
Point system... 1 point for every post 3 for every new topic and mod system... + - sighs + adds a point to Rep and - Subtracts a point. Very Happy

Follow these rules your your soul is mine! >:O
A Monument to All Your Sins...
A Monument to All Your Sins...

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